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Japanese name ヨグ=ソトース


Also known as One in All and All in One, The Gate and Key, The Opener of the Way, Umr At-Tawill
Affiliation Outer Gods

Yog-Sothoth (ヨグ=ソトース, Yogu=sotōsu) is the Outer God that exists as every point in Time and Space.  As stated in Al Azif's 751st page, "all destiny exists to arrive upon this god."



"Not merely a thing of one space-time continuum, but allied to the ultimate animating essence of existence's whole unbounded sweep – the last, utter sweep which has no confines and which outreaches fancy and mathematics alike"


Yog-Sothoth often takes the appearance of a formless creature with many tentacles, slick with the slime of the primordial cosmos and composed entirely of glowing, rainbow colored spheres that spawn in every last inch in space and time.  In a form that humans can comprehend, Yog-Sothoth takes the form of a gigantic and expansive gate.

Umr at-Tawil[]

Referred to as titles such as The Guardian of the Gate, the One who Leads, and The Ancient One; Umr at-Tawil (ウムル・アト=タウィル,Umuru.ato=Tawiru) is speculated to be either Yog-Sothoth itself, an avatar, or a divine being in the service of Yog-Sothoth.

Appearance and Personality[]

Umr at-Tawil's face is obscured by a veil and, while it does not appear hostile, starring at it invokes the feeling of having your soul plucked from your body and flung into the Abyss.


Yog-Sothoth is an entity that exists within every space-time continuum in existence at all points of Time and Space. It, however, only exists within the universe in Demonbane through a spell contained within Liber Legis's Heart of Infinity and a ritual that involves the sacrifice of Cthulhu.

The conditions within Yog-Sothoth's gate manifestation are often hazardous as dimensions thrash, time spirals with possibility, causality acts haywire, and one faces the threat of being tossed into a dimension of nonexistence should they not be too careful.


Through Yog-Sothoth, a few abstract and unconventional universes are introduced:

  • After entering through Yog-Sothoth's gate incarnation, one is brought into a universe that operates under different principles from the human world, comprised of a myriad of vivid colors and a Sea of Chaos in which everything is both one with and separate from everything else.  It is a world in which distance and direction have no meaning.
  • Existing outside of the aforementioned universe is a universe with an innumerable collection of doors, each leading to another universe.
  • Umr at-Tawil leads Kurou and Al Azif into a universe that is home to an infinite sea of stars, a giant stairway, and an innumerable number of clocks, some as big as a wristwatch while others are as big as a planet.
  • So long as Yog-Sothoth's gate manifestation remains open, it acts as a opening to the Outer Universe inhabited by Great Old Ones.