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Japanese Name ティトゥス
Voice Actor Joji Nakata
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Affiliation Anticross

Black Lodge

Grimoire Cultes des Goules
Deus Machina Ogre
Titus (ティトゥス, Titusu) is one of the sorcerers of the Anticross.  He utilizes his skills as a samurai in conjunction with his grimoire Cultes des Goules (屍食教典儀, Shishokukyō Tengi?) and the grimoire's Deus Machina Ogre


Titus wears a black suit with a black military coat on top of it, though he does not use the sleeves of the coat. Combined with his long, dark tied back hair, sharp eyes, and the two katana he wears at his waist, his appearance can be summarized as a “dark samurai.”Most notably, however, Titus also bears two more arms which are obscured by his clothing.


For as long as Titus has lived, he always sought out power and stronger opponents to extinguish his boredom. This quest for power led him down the path of the occult, causing him to turn his back on the philosophies of his homeland, the Eight Virtues. Choosing to sacrifice his humanity and walk the path of the damned, Titus believes that the sins he has comitted have made him one of the strongest sorcerers and finds contempt with humans and their ordinary lives. Though, after all that he has done, Titus still cannot appease his own boredom. As such, he takes great pleasure in fighting worthy adversaries, to the point that fighting the adversary is both an obsession and more important than the mission at hand. In the end, though,Titus still retains his own code of honor and pride as a warrior. One that he does not turn his back to.

History Edit

Titus was born in the 1840s, and, by the age of ten, had already taken the life of another.  Motivated by his desire to hone his swordsmanship, he involved himself with the ensuing chaos of the Bakumatsu.  At some point, believing himself to have reached the pinnacle of human skill, he sought the methods of the occult to further his prowess.


  • Titus's Four Arms
As a swordsman, Titus is incredibly skilled. His eyes can perceive a battlefield at least one kilometer away, and his nerves have been honed to incredibly superhuman levels, allowing him to swing his blades faster than sound and exchange attacks in a millisecond. Thanks to his own skills as a sorcerer, he can also spawn extra katanas from his palms should he lose one.

Not much his known of his own sorcery as he prefers to fight using his own prowess as a swordsman, though he summons his own grimoire, Cultes des Goules, by cleaving a rend in space and time with his katana. He also has access to his own Deus Machina, Ogre.

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