St el normal
Japanese Name エルザ
Voice Actor Mikako Sato (anime)

Hina Kamimura (PC)

Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Black Lodge
Dr. West

Elsa is one of Doctor West's creations, built to be stronger and faster than an ordinary human, who ends most of her sentences with the suffix "robo".


Elsa has large elf-like ears, green hair, and wears an outfit that is described as being similar to a mage's ceremonial outfit.

In the manga Kishin Houkou Demonbane, after she is repaired by Doctor West once they escape from Black Lodge, Elsa aquires a new advanced outfit with a large saucer-like apparatus on her back.


Initially, Elsa comes off to be very stoic and robotic.  She focused largley on the objectives at hand and nothing more; however, not long after her creation, she became curious of everyday life and acted rather curt in front of Doctor West.  Following an encounter with Daijuuji Kurou and the Scimitar of Barzai, she developed romantic feelings for him.  From that moment onwards, Elsa's personality became much less robotic and stoic in general and was often more flirty around Kurou.


  • Dig Me No Grave's Coffin
  • Dig Me No Grave
  • Dig Me No Grave firing on the Scimitar of Barzai
  • Elsa's Tonfas
Elsa is built to be able to hold her own against even a Magius Style Kurou; however, she has also proven herself to be able to fight at the same level as Anticross members such as Titus and Claudius.

Her normal weapons of choice are two tonfas, both of which have a built in guns which fire enchanted bullets that can penetrate magic barriers.  Otherwise, Elsa also has machine guns built into her arms and occasionaly carries an experimental magic-enchanted grenade.  Elsa is also equipped with the spell weapon Dig Me No Grave.

Dig Me No Grave (我、埋葬にあたわず,) is an enormous magic-powered cannon that Elsa can summon at will, which then arrives from a coffin that falls from the sky.  The cannon attacks by firing multiple homing beams of light at once, while the falling coffin that it arrives in can be used as an improvised weapon by having it drop on the enemy.

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