Caligula Normal
Japanese Name カリグラ
Voice Actor Daisuke Gōri (Anime)

Kenta Miyake (UX)

Gender Male
Status Deceased
Affiliation Anticross

Black Lodge

Grimoire Cthäat Aquadingen
Deus Machina Kraken
Caligua (カリグラ, Carigura) is a sorcerer of the Anticross.  He fights with his magic-empowered fists as well as with the Cthäat Aquadingen (水神クタアトSuijin Kutāto?, lit. The Water God Cthäat) and its Deus Machina Kraken.


Standing well over two-meters tall, Caligula is best described as a giant mound of muscle. He wears an odd gown over his trippy, garish suit as well as a feathery black and white collar. To top it all off, he also wears a skull mask that does well to hide his expressions.

After losing his arm, Caligula dons a white rune-carved prosthetic arm.


Caligula initially comes off as more serious and composed when compared to his partner Claudius; however, upon serious injury, he will quickly give in to his rage and summon the Deus Machina Kraken. Claudius's reaction to this seems to imply that this isn't the first time Caligula has succumbed to anger and summoned the Deus Machina. Moreover, Caligula is not exceptionally smart, and is easily out-smarted.


  • Caligula's Explosive punches
Caligula, as a fighter, is a walking tank. He can throw explosive punches which are strong enough to destroy the Scimitar of Barzai. Due to his large muscular build, he is also incredibly durable, being able to withstand attacks from Ithiqua.

He also has access to the grimoire Cthäat Aquadingen and its Deus Machina Kraken.

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