Al Azif
Normal | Magius Style
Kishin Hishou Al Azif
Japanese name アル・アジフ
Voice Actor Rie Kanada (Anime)
Saki Asamiya (PC)
Also known as The Book of Dead Names
The Book of Dead Laws
Affiliation Hadou Financial Group
Miskatonic University's Secret Library
Deus Machina Demonbane
Aeon (formerly)
Master Daijuuji Kurou
Hadou Ruri (Ruri's Route, temporary)

Former: Azrad, Edgar, and at least a thousand others

Al Azif (アル・アジフ, Aru・Ajifu) is the spirit of the Necronomicon (ネクロノミコン, Nekuronomikon). Her primary goal is to hunt down and destroy all unholy powers that are in league with the evil gods. Her original Deus Machina was Aeon; however, after losing Aeon, she claimed Demonbane as her new Deus Machina.

Appearance Edit

Even at a thousand years old, Al Azif has the seemingly frail appearance of a young girl with small book-like wings floating behind her. She has silver hair, incredibly white skin, and jade green eyes while she often wears a frilly white outfit with red ribbons tied on her wrists and in her hair.

In Magius Style, Al's appearance shrinks exponentially and a black outfit replaces her usual one, while black wings appear from her head and take the form of a hat when resting.


Due to much of her initial interactions with humans end with some sort of conflict brought about by her own sense of superiority, Al initially comes off as egotistical and ill-tempered; however, Al is a skilled and experienced leader and fighter.  Her experience with magic also makes her a more than a qualified teacher on the topics.

As a grimoire, she holds great respect for all of her masters and suffered tremendous guilt every time she lost one of her masters. On the outside, however, Al deceives herself into viewing them as just another tool of her Deus Machina.



it is hinted at that she or the other grimores may be another instance of aoi from you me and her; a love story of the abstract being known only as the heroine entity

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